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Catchin’ Up with the Boys

It’s a big day at Delicate HQ. I’m up before 9 am, reveling in the sounds of the weekly garbage pickup, the particular quality of air of Texan Springtime™ , and a sense of purpose usually reserved for productive members of society. What a rush.


This weekend, the Boys will be heading into the studio. We plan to track upwards of 10 songs in 2 days, so send positive cramming vibes (as always) – can’t wait to share with you and your loved 1s.

Speaking of studio time, we had a wonderful evening at King Electric back in February, and we’re happy to present the boozy results. Thank you to Austin Uncharted for having us.


Lastly, we’ve got one more batch of jams for you to shotgun. Recorded on tour last summer in Los Angeles, FAR OUT is our first physical-only release of a live show. It’s a wild one. Lots of drops, lots of chops. Won’t you join us on Saturday, April 21 at the Spider House Ballroom to celebrate its existence?

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Takin’ a Bath Tour – 2017

Delicate Boys Takin' a Bath Tour - 2017 to New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA

It’s a special time to be a Delicate Boy. We’re heading east for a lil weekend of daiquiris, rock n roll, and getting rained on. That’s right, ladies and gents – we are proud to present the official:


Love you, we’ll miss you, we’ll make sure to send lots of pictures and call when we get there safely.

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Physical Culture EP Advance Stream

Well folks, the fine folks at Ovrld have done us the fine favor of premiering our lil baby, Physical Culture, to all the folks on the internet. Write up is very sweet and thoughtful, name-checking the finest Southern Rock band to ever come out of California, as well as conjuring the mental image of John Dwyer “Arm”-wrestling (haha get it?) the fools in Mudhoney.

They also called us drunk and deranged. No comment.

Link below, make sure to save your measly 6 US Dollars (while such currency still retains its value) to cop one of the 100 tapes we made of the thing.

Exclusive Album Stream Premiere: Delicate Boys’ Physical Culture